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Charli Xcx’s True Romance

Posted on the 02 May 2013 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

charli xcx album lo1 CHARLI XCXS TRUE ROMANCE

Not to be confused with the awesome cult classic crime drama in which Christopher Walken gets his bad man on (although it’s apparently named after said film), True Romance is the debut offering from English indietronica vixen Charli XCX. Spawned from that overlapping space between indie idol worship and exciting new music, True Romance faced quite the expectation hurdle before it even left the starting blocks. Though it entertains and shows promise, the songs don’t quite fit the seismic push they were given.

I’m not insinuating that the album isn’t good or enjoyable, because it most definitely is. The material, though, feels a little shallow and hollow, offering a lot more style than substance — listen to some of Charli’s lyrics if you think otherwise. Granted, its glossy, synth explosions of sparkly pop and neon lit melodies make for quite the uplifting, enjoyable and danceable experience. This feels quite strange, however, when you consider that a large amount of the material is formed from damaged or broken relationships. None the less, Miss XCX does a great job at making a good product from a bad situation. Ultimately, though, that’s what True Romance is, a product.

Despite hosting some really solid production work and a number of stand out, likable tracks, the whole album seems like a well-planned and stylistic sugar rush — an all-syrup one as it were! When consumed, it makes you feel great. You jump around, you dance and you might even go a little retro and start singing along with Charli into a hairbrush. When the effects have worn off, though, and that sweet, sugary pop high bleeds into a more sombre, reflective comedown, you’ll eventually find yourself looking for something more substantial.

True Romance is very much the sound a young musician having fun, and more power to her for running with that notion. If she’s looking for longevity in this ever so fickle industry and to fulfil the potential she clearly possesses, she’s going to have to sharpen her approach and tighten up in certain areas.

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