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Charles Darkly Interviews: Eats Everything

Posted on the 02 November 2011 by Pelski
Charles Darkly Interviews: Eats Everything
He's the Big Mac of the low end, and he's thriving on a healthy dose of worldwide dance-floors. His 'Entrance Song' topped the charts this summer, and he's just unleashed his new ep on Dirtybird. It's looking good for the man that Eats Everything. We caught up with the man of the moment for a little supersize chat... 
Your basslines pack some weighty rump. Your king sized marketing makes msg feel bloated. You go by the names of Tubs, Fats and Chubtop. Would it be reasonable to say your a man of consumption?
It would be more than reasonable to say that. It would be rude not to in fact.
This year has signified a lot of things for Eats Everything. What’s changed the most? Apart from your socks. 
My hair has changed, I have more of an gown up haircut than I used to have, which is nice… I also have loads of gigs, which is really nice! I’ve also recently got engaged so it’s definitely been a year of transition.
M6 traffic jams are a perfect excuse for tuning into Tong’s show on Radio 1. Once locked in, your knowingly expecting that wonderful amalgamation of Genius-Ditz track selections from Tongey himself. But every now and then, Tong pulls out an “Essential Tune” which can only be described as head tilting-ly destructive. Such a moment of clarity was Tong announcing your forthcoming Dirtybird release ‘The Size’ as Essential Tune of the week. This must have been a full circle moment for you. Tell us a bit about the release. 

The release was out today on the 26th October and I'm hoping it will be my biggest to date. It is a two track EP, ‘The Size’ and ‘Whatever Whatever’, both very different from each other and from a lot of stuff that is around at the moment. Both tracks again somehow seem to have that crossover appeal throughout the "Bass Music" guys and "Underground House" guys like my track Entrance Song. I don't set out for my records to have this appeal, it just seems to turn out that way!
How does it feel to be a fully fledged hatchling of the Dirtybird community now? 
It actually feels really good to be a part of it as they are great, great people. They are all so down to earth and friendly and have all given me a lot of advice encouragement etc. They are also a lot of fun all of them and like to party as well as make great music which is the perfect ethos within this industry I think.
You’ve sited 90’s house as a major inspiration to your music. Many 90’s house records were heavily laden with samples, and in a recent Future Music interview with Rhythm Masters maestro Steve Mac, he sited vinyl sampling as a truly ‘fun way of making records’. How does sampling play a part in your production process? 
I just want to say firstly that Steve Mac/Rhythm Masters and MK are the reason I got into house music in the first place, he/they are the ultimate producers who have delivered for over 20 years, were setting the standard then and still are now. With regard to sampling, my tracks are all heavily sample laden and most of the hooks in my tracks come from a sample to be honest. I don't think electronic dance music would a). exist without sampling and b). be as appealing or anywhere near as exciting if it weren't for sampling.
Your native Bristol receives a lot of worthy attention. The recent ‘Real Scenes: Bristol’ documentary on Resident Advisor, really charted the uncompromising sounds of the city. Do you seek a lot of inspiration from local producers?
Yes and no. I don't think that musically I have been inspired per se by any artists from Bristol but I massively respect what each and every Bristol artist has done for the city’s musical culture. There has been A LOT of great, great music come out of Bristol and is really amazing and a huge honor that I am now considered to be one of the artists that is pushing this particular Bristol renaissance.
Are you considering any collabs with any of the local talent? 
Me and Matt (Julio) Bashmore are talking about it, it’s just a case of finding the time. I have collabs in the pipeline with a lot of the other Bristol House Music artists in the offing at present, the likes of Waif & Strays, Lukas, Christophe, Rio & Prest, Bowski etc. In a couple of years there will be 10 times the amount of house music that there is currently coming from this city I think.
Charles Darkly Interviews: Eats Everything
Pepper makes people hot tempered.
Chamomile makes them bitter.
Vinegar makes them sour.
Barley sugar makes one sweet tempered.
What food puts you in a certain mood?
Most food makes me happy!!!!! It’s only parsley that really f*cks me off! As soon as I taste it that’s it, my meal is ruined. It always sneaks into the most un-parsley like meal and ruins everything. I like Pizza too. A lot.
Biggest tune in your record bag right now? 
Thats a toughy, and I hate to do this as its shameful but is probably my secret rework of Adam F - Circles, it kills it every time without fail. Also Murk’s new one, ‘Amame’ which I think has just been signed to Defected of all places, which is also pretty massive but for different reasons.
Besides food and bass - what’s Eats Everything’s other hobby? 
I like football, partying and long distance running. That last one is a lie.
A track that changed the way you heard music. It can’t be a dance track though. 
Paul SImon - Graceland is a track that I remember as a kid really vividly. It sticks in my mind and every time I hear it I can remember listening to it as kid.
Who’s more hungry? The Hungry Hippos or Ronald McDonald?
I would go for the Hippo's purely because Ronald McDonald is a mere proprietor/mascot/face of/vendor of a rather shit food products, whereas the Hippo's job is to eat and eat. That’s it. Ron is there to look pretty and balance the books.

Haha. If you wanna see Ronald McDonald balancing the books while duelling the Michelin Man, then check the link here. 
Thanks for your time Dan, it's been a pleasure. 
Eats Everything ‘The Size EP’ is out now on Dirtybird.


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