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Charlaine’s Thoughts On True Blood’s Premiere

Posted on the 27 June 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Charlaine’s Thoughts On True Blood’s Premiere
Charlaine Harris was tweeting last night during the True Blood Season 4 premiere through her publisher’s twitter page, @penguinusa!

Think you can guess which scenes she’s talking about in each one? Which are about Eric & Sookie?

Sookie in the land of golden fruit. Have never been sure about the all-white outfits. Yes, Sook – fairy godmother! CH #TrueBlood

Who expected Gary Cole? CH #TrueBlood

And the credits. I’m always excited to see my name. The thrill is NEVER gone. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

And the first episode is written by Alexander Woo! I love him! Talked to him at the premiere. CH #TrueBlood

Aha! I knew it couldn’t all be white tutus and happiness! Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

That’s more like it! Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Great balls o’ fire! Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Hello, Bon Temps cemetery. Goodbye, Earl. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

I’m so glad it’s clean now. I’ll bet you can guess who owns it, right? Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Ryan Kwanten + police uniform = happiness. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Bill looks better than ever, huh? Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

And Eric, too. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Hmm. Who’s bossypants now? Charlaine Harris #TrueBLood

I’ll send Andy a plaque. I have a couple extra. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Lafayette! Challenging hairdo! But fabulous, of course. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Fiona Shaw = greatness. Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Way to convince Lafayette! Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

I don’t think beheading dolls is so weird, right? Right? Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Rutina said there was a lot more to this scene. Damn. -Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

That’s the way I make eggs, too.-Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Pam gives her all in this Public Vampire Announcement in a post-Edgington world.-Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Yeah, we get it, Eric. Bill’s a vampire AND a politician.- Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Tara shows her kinder, gentler side. -Charlaine Harrs #TrueBlood

I love Dale Raoul. Who else makes being a bad mom so delicious? – Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Don’t think being bff’s is in their future.-Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Just what Sam needs. A herd to hang with. So shapeshifters are always in shape? – Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood

Hmm. Dialogue glitch. In the south, “ice-box” is a refrigerator, not a freezer. But we don’t keep cops in them. -CH #TrueBlood.

Aha! A plot point! And who’s surprised about Bill’s new job? -Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood<

Somehow, I never have dreams like this. -Charlaine Harris #TrueBlood


Comment down below – which ones do you think are describing the Eric & Sookie scenes?

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