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Charlaine’s Thoughts On’s Best & Worst of 2011

Posted on the 27 December 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Earlier last week, Charlaine Harris posted her thoughts on her blog about’s Best & Worst of 2011, in which her novel, Dead Reckoning was featured as one of the worse of the year, coming in at #5.

Charlaine’s Thoughts On’s Best & Worst of 2011

This is what Charlaine said about it over at her blog;

I was in the pages of EW again in the year-end issue: “Best and Worst of 2011.” My book, DEAD RECKONING, was designated one of the worst of the year, along with a book by the ubiquitous Kardashians and one by Snooki of “Jersey Shore” fame.

At first I really couldn’t believe it. Though I fully realized DEAD RECKONING was not a perfect book, I knew I’d read worse during 2011. Then I realized that the criteria must have been, “bad books by someone famous.” Still, it stung pretty badly, as you can imagine.

I was pretty philosophical about the experience until my inner insecurities began to plague me. Most writers have plenty of those, beginning with the suspicion that we are actually no good at all and that someday someone will discover this . . . no matter how healthy our bank account may be, or how brisk sales have been.

I was secretly hoping my agent would challenge the article’s writer to a duel. Then I realized that if anyone did that, it should be me, and I was feeling way too pitiful.

I hope I don’t experience anything more humiliating in my professional life. This kind of capped off a very eventful 2011 for me, because I’ve had a number of thunderbolts, both personal and professional. Next year simply HAS to be better.

We wanted you to share your thoughts about this. Do you agree or disagree with

I happen to disagree, especially since DR is lumped in with the Kardashians and Snooki! In fact, while there were some things I disliked about DR, there were more things that I liked about it and it should’ve been named one of the best books of the year!

To Charlaine, please don’t take this too hard. We love your writing and wish to thank you for creating this world in which all of us love! We are your fans and we will continue to buy your books, no matter what the critics say! Do what we do…ignore them! Please know that there’s many of us who are anxiously awaiting Deadlocked!

What are your thoughts? Share ‘em below!

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