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Changing Rooms (Second-hand)

By Clairejustalittleless
Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)I've had such fun buying second-hand items for Mum's new bedroom in her care home. Almost everything I've bought is second-hand but I shopped mindfully making sure that everything was reasonably priced and good quality. Nothing was over £10 and I've only bought things that have 'sparked joy'. Mum's due to move this week and last week I took photos of everything I've bought before I dropped them off. Unfortunately, I can't go into the home at the moment due to a positive covid case so the staff will be getting her room ready for her instead of me. It's got a lilac and purple color theme which is much more suitable for a bedroom than the rust decor of her current room. Finding a cushion for £1.49 in a charity shop set me off on a second-hand hunt for other items. And then thrifting the butterfly cushion (seen in the first photo) inspired a butterfly theme. Let me show you what else will go in her room. There are several more butterfly themed items all found in local charity shops. The watercolour painting with the butterfly and the buddleia might have been in a local art exhibition as on the back it has the name and address of the artist and original price (£35).
Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)I got most of the items from charity shops but couldn't find any bedding that I liked. I found 3 sets of bedding on Ebay that I liked all priced below £10 (including postage) and in good condition. I washed all the bedding sets and even ironed them. Mum would be impressed as I definitely don't share her love of ironing. Only one set came with a fitted bottom sheet so I did buy 2 new bottom sheets and pillowcases to complete the sets. I'm sure not everyone would want to buy second-hand bedding (my husband says he doesn't want any for our bedroom) but the ones I've bought aren't very worn and looked clean when they arrived. If you stay in a hotel or self-catering the bedding is effectively in the same condition as second-hand. Also, I appreciate that not everyone can afford to buy new. I'd be interested to hear your views.
Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)A few more pretty decorations found in charity shops.
Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)Changing Rooms (Second-hand)This stylish lamp was originally from Next before it was donated to a charity shop. It's not my usual style but I've loved finding such pretty and feminine touches for Mum.
Changing Rooms (Second-hand)This last item from Ebay is not lilac or butterfly related but it's very cute. So cute that I named him Darwin and almost kept him. I know Mum will love him. I had a zebra doorstop (Ziggy) in my last classroom (it had a jungle theme) and that's now in our lounge. He's loving the peace and quiet of home life.
Changing Rooms (Second-hand)I hope Mum settles in well and that you've enjoyed seeing all her new second-hand things. She already has personal items like photos and a special Victorian side table from my grandparents' home in her current room but it was great to be able to shop for things to make her new room extra calm and welcoming. Buying everything second-hand was also very satisfying. It's always worth considering second-hand before buying new when you need something for your home. 

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