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Changing Course

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

When a pilot takes off at an airport in Philadelphia en route to Los Angeles, they understand that a change in course along the way may be necessary.  Changing wind patterns, storms, and mechanical issues can force a pilot to change course to get to their destination safely.  When this happens, the pilot doesn’t get mad.  He doesn’t quit.  He doesn’t storm out of the cockpit yelling how unfair life is.  He understands and accepts that adjustments are going to be needed along the way.  It’s just part of the job as a pilot.  It comes with the territory.

When pilots approach storms, they adjust and reroute.  They don't just give up.

When pilots approach storms, they adjust and reroute. They don’t just give up.

And it comes with baseball too.  Every season brings many challenges along the way.  Batting slumps, a losing streak, a three error game, a benching, etc. happen all the time in the game.  Some love to complain but winners in the game understand that this is the natural way of the game. 

Like the pilot, the player just makes a course correction and keeps moving forward.  The pilot doesn’t turn around and go back to Philly when adjustments in course are needed over Texas.  He just reroutes his course and continues to Los Angeles.  The baseball player shouldn’t turn around either.  He should search for the adjustments (reroute), make them, and keep moving towards the destination.

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