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By Erraticglamour @erraticglamourx
 Ch Ch Ch Changes 
So things on here are changing a little bitty. Nothing major. I am simply making the decision - one which I have been debating a lot recently - to change Erratic Glamour to Erratic Thoughts. I love fashion, this will never change, however there is more to me than my love of clothes. For a while now I have been itching to blog about other things. Things like food, music, books, my life! I am still planning to drop the old post about what I am donning clothes wise but I will be posting about other things too.
Erratic Thoughts is becoming my little corner of cyber space to detail my thoughts at that moment in time. Expect moans and groans along the way! Hey, if that is how I am feeling that is how I am feeling!
Happy Wednesday!

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