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Changes, Jojo Mason Changes EP Review

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

is one of Canadian country music's brightest rising stars, and on his new EP Changes, he shares more of his vision of the future of his music and why we should all be excited for where he's going.

The new EP is rooted in the messed up year that is 2020, with Mason saying, "I did my best to capture all of the good the bad and the different this year has given us. Different sides of me, who I am and what I am. I'm very proud of this one and hope people connect to these on different levels like I have."

Having had the chance to meet and interview and hang out with Jojo Mason multiple times over the last few years we can tell you that he is one of the most genuine people we know in music, so when he says that these songs are a reflection of who he is and that he hopes people can connect with those stories and feelings, we believe him.

Hit play now to check out Get On, featured on the New Music Friday Canada playlist on release day, to get a taste of what Jojo Mason is giving out on Changes.

Changes kicks off with Doin' It Right and right away Jojo gets into the boy jonesing for a girl subject matter. But what he also does is show that this isn't a straight-ahead traditional country record. If that's a surprise to you, you haven't been paying attention. Yes, Jojo Mason finds himself and a direction on this EP, but this isn't an out-of-nowhere turn.

This is the same dude that covers No Diggity live and gave us Where Is The Love to raise awareness and support for social justice issues this summer. He's a music lover as much as he is an artist, and to hear him get into the groove on these songs is awesome. Gimme more!

Chemical, track #2 on the EP and the pre-release single, is a smash that I can't wait to hear live. As much as I just want to see Jojo and every artist back up on stage doing just about anything, I can tell you that I believe this song is going to bang when a live crowd is singing and dancing along. And the smile on his face when he sings it is going to light up the night.

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As much fun as Jojo Mason has on Changes, he goes big too. Love and War is real-life hard like we've all been there and this one is going to trigger some feelings in people. I Shoulda Lied is going to connect with a lot of dudes who let themselves feel their feelings about women who give them butterflies in their stomach and allow themselves to get vulnerable. And that's the thing about this EP and country music and styles - when the songs are good, when they connect, and when the performances are high quality - you can try cool shit that makes you happy, the song will carry it.

So when you hear a cool guitar part or a drum machine or deep bass groove or a pop feel to go with the country music vibe that Jojo Mason has been creating for years now, enjoy it. That's the point. And if one song isn't your jam, move onto the next one.

I Shouldn't Be Here wraps up the EP and it's sweet and fun and really kind of makes us think of Jojo laughing and smiling and singing and that makes it a win. If you've seen him live, if you've met him, if you've seen or heard interviews, that's the dude that this song belongs to. Maybe let that one repeat and just soak in the joy of it.

Hit play on the stream now to listen to Jojo Mason's new EP Changes and leave a comment to tell us which song you love the most or that gives you that connection Jojo is looking to make.

Jojo Mason, Changes Tracklist

Changes, Jojo Mason Changes EP Review

Changes, Jojo Mason Changes EP Review

Changes, Jojo Mason Changes EP Review

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