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Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life
Change Your Space ... Change Your Lifeis a bold statement.
But I believe it.
It doesn't have to be as big as a house move or a room remodel.
It can be as small as 
~ organizing a drawer
~ culling a closet
~ adding plants or flowers
It's about making steps to organize and beautifyyour space to meet your  life needs.
Every step in that directionis a statement in
~ Self Respect~ Self Investment~ Self Love and Care.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

For me

organized beautiful closets

 make my heart happy.

I love seeing my pretty friends all in order

ready to be part of a 

Curated Outfit.

Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

When each of my children moved out I grieved.
I had turned their past rooms into guest roomsand filled the empty closets with my ever expanding wardrobe.
But the rooms still made me sadeven 5 years after my youngest left.
After a very painful
for so many reasonsChristmasI realized I needed toChange My Life
The old ways definitely were not working for me.I talked more about my need to changein my last post here.
Standing in this dark gray roomthe day after ChristmasI had a flash.
Why not take this unused roomand turn it into a dream closet room.
How could I have not seen this idea before!
It was because I had been waiting yearsto realizenobody was coming back.
Cognitively I couldn't be happier about that fact.
I am so very proud of my childrenand their individual accomplishments.
My three kids are definitelyGrown and Flownwith families of their ownand flourishing and thriving.  
I was the only onestill a bit caught in the pastwith a big heart snagwhen it came to thekid rooms.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

We had built out the kid rooms customwith built in beds, bookcases and desks.
Some how I got visually stuck thinking that we needed to continually work around what was there.Just adapting here and there to 'make it work'for at least a little useie. hanging my black and white wardrobe.
I was locked in the pastuntilI wasn't.
I decided Iwas going to take back the space!
It felt like a visual metaphor
I was going to Change My Spacein one of many steps toChange My Life.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Once I made the decisionthe demolition felt  exciting and empoweringall at the same time.
How could I have not seen this before?
Wellbecause it felt like a drastic stepto literally tear down what wasto build the new.
I also wondered if I deserved so much space.
Which is also sillyand a bit sad and telling.
The room literally sat empty and abandonedexcept clothes storagefor 5 years!!
It had been waiting for me to realizeI deservedto use it.
I deserved to have the spaceserve my needsof Organization and Beauty.
I used to feel a bit oddbecause I have so many clothes.
But dressing is a Creative Art Formfor me.It is part of Who I AM
I needBeautiful Spacesto organizemy clothes and accessoriesthat are my Creative Palette
I deserved to take an unused spaceand turn it into a space that serve my lifemy passionsand is a sanctuary to be in.
I just needed to be able to see it and feel it.To realize I deserved theSpace.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Jeff and I have worked togetherhere at the housebringing our visions to fruitionfor decades.Believinghomes need to changeas lives change.
I am forever GratefulI married a manwho is able and willingto help make my visions a reality.
After the room was gutted of all of the builtins
there were years of use and reuseto be patched on the walls.
Which isn't that differentof how we continually need to patch our heart at timesas we move into new Life Transitionsgetting ready for new Life Chapters.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

And oh how catharticis a new coat of paint!
All the promise of the new to come!
Jeff and I both marveled at how muchThe room  was ready for a whole new lease on life!as am I!
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Jeff refinished the wood floors(that he had installed decades ago)
We hung double hanging rodson both sides of the main wallleaving the centerjust single hungfor my long wardrobe pieces.
A thin shelf was made for my shoe collectionsalong with an elevated shelf.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Oh how I love seeing all of my piecesin eye view and tidy!Makes my heart happy.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

I started to walk through my new space every daywith my morning coffee.
I loved the open spaciousness of the room.But it didn't feel quite done.
It had always been a dream of mine to have a large closet with a chaise.Some people dream of huge homesmy dreams have been ofwonderful closet spaceswhere I can see everything!
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

So I found the sweetest little love seatin pinkbecausepink made my heart happyand felt like a wonderful  frivolous luxury.
I found a dusty pinkthat plays perfectly in the space.
I added two marble tablesand brought my in my vintage footstool.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Sitting in my new closet roomfeels like a wonderful exhaleof calm.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

I decided to warm up the space with tonal rug.
I started doing my morning work in mynew closet roomin the morningsonly to realizeI didn't have a big enough spaceto set my computer and clip boards.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

So I ordered a complementary coffee tableto do just that!
I got one with two shelvesso that I could keep my newest fashion magazinescalendarand planner in place.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

I found the most wonderful calendarcomplete with inspiring monthly messages.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

I am using my beautiful planner this year.

I write outMy Gratitudesfor the dayeven before my daily to do list.

And boyhas that really helped me refocus on the Good in My Life.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Fresh flowers make me remember to be presentand make me so happy.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

 I use my essential oil diffuserevery single day.It has a transporting and calminng effect for me.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

All of my black pieces can nowstretch out into the entire closet.No more having clothes jammed together.A heavy clothes edit helped that situation as well.
It feels so luxurious to have space for everything in my black , white, navy and gray closet.
Although you can't see themI also installed protective curtains overmy blacksbecause the room has sunlight.
We also installed a blackout shadeand drapesso in the summer the entire closet can be protected form sun damage.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

I love keeping my closets by colorso I can keep my shoes and accessorieswithin neighboring color view.
It makes styling outfits so much more fun!
It's literally shopping my closetin the very best way!
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

Creating accessory vignettes is a favorite of mine!
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

When I began to this room remodelI really didn't realizejust how much
Changing My Spacewould feel like another greatLife Change.
But it really does.
I was able to fully move out from visual odes to the past.
I was able to Self Validatethat I Deserved to use the Space
I was able to realize and be really good withmy space needsand claim them.
We all have different passions.
Some of Mine areClothes and Accessories.
I am ever so Gratefulfor my husbandandto be at a time in my lifewhere I have the opportunity to 
Change My Space and Change My Lifeone step at a timeand with a sunset closet view.
Change Your Space ... Change Your Life

As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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