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Change Your Sights for More Strikes

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

There aren’t many things worse than being on the mound throwing ball after ball and having no idea how to fix yourself.  Contrary to what a lot of catches think, yelling “Throw strikes!” isn’t helping.  Do you really think he is trying to throw balls?

Today’s tip involves a quick and simple adjustment every pitcher no matter what the age can do to help get their pitches back in the zone.  It involves changing your sights.  Here is what I mean …

When a pitcher focuses on the catcher’s glove, his sights are on the glove like this …


If the pitcher has his sights on the glove and continually throws the ball in the dirt, the pitcher can change his sights and focus on the catcher’s eyes instead of the glove like this …


If all his pitches are too high, he can switch his sights to the catcher’s feet like this …


There is no rule that says a pitcher must focus on the glove.  If you do and your pitches hit the glove then by all means, keep doing it!  If they are not hitting the glove, changing your sights may be all you need to get you through the batter, inning, or even a game.

FYI – In the near future, I am making another short video tip for more advanced pitchers to show them how to switch their sights for better breaking pitches.  Stay tuned!

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