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Change Your Focus by Changing Your Clothes

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Change your focus by changing your clothes

Your locker doesn't have to be as
elaborate as Ryan Howard's to get
the benefits of some mental work.

When people come home from a rough day at work or school, what’s the first thing many of them do?  They change their clothes.  Why?  One reason is simply to put on clothes that are more comfortable.  Another reason actually can be informative for the baseball player.  When a person changes their clothes, their mind-set usually changes as well.  The stress of the day seem to leave the body as the work clothes are being removed and the more comfortable clothes are being put on.  This transition is very powerful and can be harnessed by players before and after any workout, practice, or game.  
Two problems that many players have are 1) they bring problems in their lives onto the field which cause them to be distracted, and 2) they take poor performances home with them because they have trouble moving on or letting go of a bad practice or game. 
Players who struggle with either or both problems can use this clothes changing process to their advantage.  Here is how they could do it.  When they take off each article of clothing before the practice, workout, or game, they should mentally attach a portion of the problem to that piece of clothing.  When they remove the clothing, they symbolically eliminate the stress and anxiety along with the clothing.  Some players have even thrown their clothes in their locker as a way to mentally “throw” away their stress of the day.  When the last piece of work-clothes is taken off, all the stress has been eliminated and now the building up of the correct mind-set for baseball can begin.When players start to put on the proper clothes/uniform for their baseball activities, they can think of attaching good, positive thoughts needed to perform to each piece of clothing.  In essence, the player eliminates all their daily stress and negative energy when they take their clothes off and begin to absorb all the necessary, positive thoughts as they put on each new uniform item.  When they are completely dressed, they are 100% mentally ready since they symbolically “left” their problems in their locker.  After the workout, practice, or game, the player just does this in reverse if needed to get over a poor performance and not bring those negative thoughts home with him.  
Like any other physical or mental skill, this takes practice.  Give it a shot!
Have you heard of any other techniques people use to accomplish the same goal of getting rid of stress before practice or games?  If so, please share with a comment!

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