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Change It uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

By Alysonph @whatstheph

Two very major things happened to me this year: I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in April and I turned 35 in September. A sane person might realize that that’s change enough for one gal in a single calendar year but oh no, not me. I decided that I needed to get my hair involved in the party too. And so, on one of he rainiest days of the year, I had one of my best friends, Mary Curran, cut me some bangs.  Humidity be damned, it was one of the smartest beauty decisions I’ve made all year.

Change it uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

Minutes after my new haircut

After giving birth to my daughter I had a long, lush head of shiny hair to rival Pocahontas. The prenatal vitamins had given me the hair of my dreams, even though I knew it was short lived. And right around the time when evil Mother Nature decided to take back my awesome locks, I started to see ads everywhere for the new Zooey Deschanel show. It didn’t take long to realize that I was going to take her adorable full banged haircut and make it mine.

Three days post-haircut, I’m marveling at how my new bangs have changed my whole tired, “just had a kid” appearance. They have given a whole new look to my necessary ponytail and have made me want to change up my same-old makeup routine. Best of all, I shaved a few years off my age without pumping hazardous chemicals into my face and gave the term “mom cut” a positive spin.

Since my mini makeover, I’ve noticed a barrage of fringe-faced celebrities from Michele Monaghan to Zooey D to Heidi Klum. Bangs are the perfect way to rock a major change without cutting your hair short or dying it platinum. Here are a few things to discuss with your stylist before taking the plunge:

  • Don’t cut bangs too far past the eyebrows or back on the head or you might wind up looking like Karen O from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. If that’s the look you’re going for, cool, but very few can pull that off.
    Change it uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

    Karen O

  • Have your stylist texturize the bangs a bit so they don’t look too thick. I like the ends slightly jagged as well.
  • If you have major cowlicks, bangs may not be for you unless you’re willing to really force them into submission. Your stylist can help you assess your cowlick situation.
  • Have your bangs “connect” with the rest of your hair or you may risk looking like a 4th grader.
  • Play around with different lengths and partings.

Here are some of my favorite looks lately:

Change it uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

Zooey Deschanel


Change it uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

Michelle Monaghan


Change it uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

Heidi Klum


Change it uP: Bangs. Nature’s Botox.

Diane Birch

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