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By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
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In just a week, everything seems to be clicking into place!
At the end of July I sold my house... I had no firm plans on where I was going to go (other than my friend Kath's house for a week or two!)... and things were a tiny bit stressful.
I started packing because I had just 6 weeks to vacate and I shared my tips for moving house here.
I had been viewing houses, seen a few I liked, but they were selling soooo quickly it was unreal.
And then I found a house that ticked nearly all the boxes... There was one other note of interest, but luckily for me they weren't in a position to make an offer... so I made an offer, which was declined... I increased it, but again it was rejected... and finally, after much deliberation, I increased my offer one last time and it was accepted!!!
Yippee - I have a house! It needs a bit of work, but it's ideal and I'm over the moon.
I'm already planning how I will decorate over on my Pinterest board 'For the Home'!! So exciting!!
I think the move is going to be emotional, and there have been tears shed already - there's still another 5 weeks to go before I actually have to move! 
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I sold the corner suite that was in the living room and I cried when it was taken away. I don't think I realised just how many bad memories I had associated with the sofa and it was relief in a way to get rid of it. 
I'm looking forward to a fresh start... new house, new beginnings!

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