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Chanel Nail Polishes and Your Dancing Fingers

By Aninafish @aninafish

I don't think I'll ever buy a bottle of chanel nail polish—though a bottle of polish lasts longer than you think. My bottle of Dashing Diva's West Village (they describe it as a creamy milk coffee) is all I use for my hands and that's roughly a manicure every three weeks—and it still seems pretty full. Though I do have tiny nails. But I do love them, especially Particuliere (which is pretty much a taupe-y, grey, brown) and wouldn't hesitate to choose them in a nail salon that offers them. They do have an awesome sheen, their black is cool, too! Though black is black is black, right? Chanel Cosmetics though? Yeesh, real luxury. Especially their foundations and lip products—I also want to try their Soleil Tan de Chanel (Who else does cream gel bronzers?)! 

But for such a traditional, stalwart luxe brand (in other words, matrona kung matrona,) this advertisement was especially fun. 

seen on BellaSugar

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