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Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer ~ Review, Swatch & FOTD

By Vishanne @VishAnne

Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Claims:

  • Covers dark circles, spots & blemishes.
  • Easily blendable, light, creamy, smooth texture
  • Promotes luminous, flawless, even skin tone.
  • With emollients, minerals and plant ingredients
  Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer   Price: 695 INR for 3ml
Shelf Life: 2 to 2.5 years   Availability: In all Chambor outlets and also available online at   My Expectations: I expected a Super Blendable formula with a light-weight feel offering medium coverage. I was slightly hesitant that it might give me gray shadows due to my brownish dark circles so wanted to use more as an illuminator and spot concealer than for dark circles. Let’s get to know how this concealer fared…..     0  

Look & Feel

  • Package: Comes in the form of a marker pen with a ‘Click – It’ mechanism. Though the shape and size of the package makes it portable, the ‘Click’ mechanism doesn’t function too effectively. When used for the first time I almost had to click the pen for 20-30 times to get the product out. Also once clicked the product comes out slowly and I had to wait for a few seconds before applying it. Ya…seconds do matter on busy working days Smile with tongue out. Oh by the way it has a plastic cover with a seal. So, when you are buying, if the plastic cover is missing then don’t purchase it.
Chambor Radiant Touch Up Package
  • Applicator: The brush tip of the pen is very soft and it fits perfectly into the contours of the eye. I noticed that the bristles soak up a lot of product so the product is more on the brush than on your skin. Much product wastage Sad smile
Radiant Touch Up Concealer Brush Tip
  • Shade: 01. This shade suits medium to fair complexions with yellow undertones.
Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Shade
  • Fragrance: None
  • Texture: It has a smooth texture with feathery light feel. It gives a slight cooling effect when applied on the skin.

Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Ingredients

Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Effects

  • Blending? It dries soon so we have to blend the concealer quickly. I personally prefer using a fluffy brush for blending this concealer than using fingers, because it’s  time consuming and results in patches.
  • Coverage? Gives light – medium coverage for dark circles and offers full coverage for spots. For my under eyes, it didn’t completely cover the brownness but thankfully it didn’t give me the zombie gray shadows.

Before and After

Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Coverage

Dark Circles Still Visible Due to Medium Coverage

  • Brightening? When used as an illuminator for under-eyes on top of the Kyrolan TV Paint Stick, it instantly brightens up the eyes and keeps it fresh for a long time.
  • Photo Flash Safe? Yes.  It doesn’t give any whitish cast.

Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Swatch

  • Moisturizing?  No. I have to use a good moisturizing eye-cream else the application gets patchy and streaky.
  • Creasing? Very little when set with a powder.
  • Lasting Power? 5 to 7 hours.

Cost Efficiency: Moderately Efficient.

Final Note   I am personally not too impressed with this concealer because of the drying effect but considering the coverage and the lasting power it’s not a disappointing product. I feel it would be a very good concealer for normal-oily skin types but, for dry skin a good eye-cream becomes a must with this concealer.  
Chambor Radiant Touch Up Concealer Review (2)
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