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Cezerye/Turkish Carrot Candy

By Olgalina

I am not a big fan of super sweet eastern desserts, but it happens from time to time I do try out some new to me stuff just for the taste experience. First time I had this lovely set of stuffed dried fruit with nuts I noticed one that was the prettiest to me...I tried it and did not guess at first what was it made of. First thought was super tasty luscious apple jelly? I love apples! Well, it actually is spiced with cinnamon and vanilla carrot candy with coconut and rolled in tasty pistachio nuts. I LOVED it! Since then I eat it more often:)
Cezerye/Turkish Carrot Candy / Джезерье
1 kg carrots (about 6 medium to large sized)
2 cups sugar
cinnamon and vanilla to taste
1 t.s. lemon juice and 0,5 t.s. lemon zest
200g shredded coconut
around 250g pistachio nuts for coating
Boil whole peeled carrots in water until they are tender. Drain and blend to create purée.
Transfer this into a non sticking pan adding 2 cups sugar and cook on medium heat until there is almost no moist any more (that is after the first bubble approximately 22-25 minutes). Add lemon juice, zest, vanilla and cinnamon somewhere at the end and then stir in coconut. Mix well and take away from the heat. Let it cool until it is possible to hold the mixture in your hands. Take small scoops of carrot candy and roll them in pistachios. Refrigerate for several hours. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.
Cezerye/Turkish Carrot Candy / Джезерье
Home made version is slightly softer, but the taste is the same. Some people like to add to the carrot mixture crushed petit beurre cookies, but I find them more tasty with coconut. And I like them rolled in whole pistachios, actually, but found it a bit difficult to repeat at home, so I crushed the nuts and there was no problem at all.

Cezerye/Turkish Carrot Candy / Джезерье

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