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CerebralMix 2015 Roundup Part Four

Posted on the 31 December 2015 by George De Bruin @SndChaser

Welcome to the CerebralMix 2015 Roundup Part Four. On today’s show we explore Pop, Rock, Punk, Rap, R&B, Folk and Acoustic releases from this year. I will note that one or two of these tracks have been around for a while. However, given their inclusion in new compilations I thought it worth presenting them during this show.

In the second segment of the CerebralMix 2015 roundup focus on R&B and Hip-Hop
releases from 2015.  And in our final segment we focus on folk and acoustic pop music.

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Pop / Rock / Punk Segment

Artist Release Track License

Alessandro Coronas/Laura Mura La bèl pop (fifth anniversary compilation) Nina Goes Abroad

adcBicycle Malignant Cove All Thats Written

Armie And The Strutters Fortress Of Suckitude EP Tell Me His Name

Builders New Lungs New Lungs

Curl Exit Real Life Arkitect

Shenandoah and the Night 100 Wants, Part Three Too Quiet Still

Devil Say Dance Embers Lucifer, Lucifer

Los Mostachos El Progresismo tiene sus ventajas Play De Drums

The Dada Weatherman folK.itUp Fuck It

Santo Rostro II The Bleed Reminder Of Pain

Fake Species Capsule We Are The Ones

Lord Panzer No Justice Just Us Just Us

Julen y La Gente Sola El Progresismo tiene sus ventajas La Casa de Petaca

françois Unreleased Feelings EP On&On

Jonathan Mann I’m Not A Shy Guy (nerd mixtape) Zelda’s Boyfriend Has A Ukulele And He’s Not Afraid To Use It

The Martyrs Yesterday’s Garbage (1987-1992) Yesterday’s Garbage

Kevin Bryce One of these tributes vol?.?1 Set The Controls One Of These Days

The Stereophones Girls EP Shot Down

Klemm Acoplado No sabes lo que sufrí por vos

Louis Lingg and the Bombs Songs for a Tear Gas Sunset No One’s Illegal

Tigerberry Cold Wave In Your Eyes

Michelle Cross Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead Life is a Game

S.A. Bach Keep The Moon Weird Keep the Moon Weird

Cuarteles de Invierno Cuarteles de invierno Hannett

The Thons Hot Fun Looking Out, Looking In

White Coyote Anton Anton

Hip-Hop and R&B Segment Playlist

Artist Release Track License

Timezone LaFontaine In Defiance of Indifference Start with Where You’re At

Cassette Tape Bandits Rapper Exchange Program Even Your Girl

CM & Tha Silent Partner bloc Sonics Tha TSPmentals Propaganda

Jarod the Sixth The Legend Of Chinn Dynasty Guide My Way Ft. Azazel

mGee Origination 1 Origination 1 (fortyFive Edit)

Pimpstrut Local #13 Music For Film (Not Porn) Ass Ass in a Go Go

Tha Silent Partner SIX ONNA 7 (Part 3.5) Solitude

Folk and Acoustic Pop Segment

Artist Release Track License

the young novelists made us strangers palindrome

Batty Blue Ekphrasis Words That Itch

Duelling Ants Fauna Scuba

Kersey Williams Trophies Taxidermy

Madoka Ogitani Take a Walk Humming

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Taxidermy Brought Back To Life Painted Words

The Johnny Bemolle’s The IrishUke EP The wild rover

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