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CEO Ted Rollins Kept Curious Items In a Vehicle When Driving His Stepson To and From School

Posted on the 25 September 2012 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

CEO Ted Rollins Kept Curious Items In a Vehicle When Driving His Stepson To and From School

Campus Crest executives, including
Ted Rollins (second from right)

Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins frequently drove his stepson to school when the boy was about 12 or 13 years old and made a habit of keeping several curious items in the vehicle. When Sherry Carroll Rollins later described the items in a counseling session at Duke University, the psychologist recommended she read a well-known book about homosexual behavior.
The book, called The Homosexual Matrix, would help her better understand what likely was happening between her adolescent son and her then husband, the psychologist told Ms. Rollins.
What were the items? They included a spatula, a bungee cord, and a necktie.
The family lived in Louisburg, North Carolina, and the counseling sessions came not long after someone filed a complaint with the state's department of social services about a possible abusive sexual relationship between Ted Rollins and his stepson.
The boy attended a private school that was about a one-hour drive, each way, from the family home. Ted Rollins would drive the child to school most every weekday, and Sherry Rollins began to receive frequent reports from the school that her son was arriving one to two hours late to school.
When this was reported to the psychologist, along with the unusual items kept in the vehicle, it apparently set off alarms. Ted Rollins was head of a company called American Textile Services at the time.
Sherry Rollins described her sessions with the psychologist in an e-mail to me last October. The e-mail includes a reference to the soiled towels a maid had discovered in a closet at the Rollins home. The towels were stained with fecal matter, and this disclosure also appeared to cause alarm in counseling sessions:
When I was seeing a psychologist at Duke University in 1994, he suggested I buy the book The Homosexual Matrix to understand the activities of homosexuals and the things that they used in their activities. I noted that in Ted's Jeep a bungee cord, a spatula and a necktie he kept around the mirror in his car. 
After reading the book I reported back to the psychologist that I had found the necktie around the mirror repeatedly after I would remove it. I also removed the bungee cords and the spatula several times. They would always be replaced. I never understood the significance of these items although I would remove them only to find them replaced. 
After reading the Matrix, I became inflamed about these items. I confronted Ted, and he always said he had to have these items to: (A) Be prepared for disaster with the bungee cords; (B) The spatula was used to remove frost from the windshield; and (C) The neckties were there because he got rid of them on the ride home. The only problem was that he did not wear a necktie to work, and he never removed ice from the windshield. These were unusual items to be found in the vehicle and I kept removing them. They always reappeared in the Jeep. 
Ted drove Zac home from school each night, as he would pick him up from St. Timothy's school in Raleigh and bring him to the plant and then home. The towels, the bungee cord, the ties, and the spatula just added up to an unusual trove of items to find.

Sherry Rollins has told Legal Schnauzer that she is living in fear in the wake of reports about an investigation of alleged child sexual abuse involving her ex husband. Ms. Rollins' fears appear to be grounded in reality.
She has told us multiple times about two mysterious automobile accidents, involving both her and her daughters, in the years leading to her divorce from Ted Rollins. She also has told us about a fall that her son suffered while working at one of Ted Rollins' properties. That's the same son that Mr. Rollins assaulted--and the same son who was at the heart of the investigation for possible sexual abuse. The fall resulted in life-threatening injuries that required multiple surgeries and caused the son to lose his spleen.
We will provide details about these incidents in future posts--and the details are horrifying. They present powerful evidence that someone was trying to remove Sherry Carroll Rollins, and at least some of her children, from the Rollins family tree.

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