@ Celeste - Thanks for Your Candid Comments. I Agr...

Posted on the 26 July 2011 by Holli
@ Celeste - thanks for your candid comments. I agree that to an extent, we must write from the heart and I will try to learn from this but to stay true to myself
@Anon1 - I think i know who this is - thanks for the insight - and I do apologize for my negative report, to the organisers who tried hard and dedicated their time and funds to the event.
You have reminded me that we can't please all the people all the time, and I cannot stoop to justifying myself to those who are hell bent on judging me.
@Janet - you are always so supportive and take the time to comment. Thanks so much. Support and positive feedback are welcomed in light of the attacks! :)
@Tim - thanks for speaking out. At least I know that those who truly know me, find the accusations ridiculous...
@Anon - is this Nana? C'mon Nana, enough already. It is beginning to look like xenophobia and a bit of racism are what is fueling your aggressive responses. I thought we got beyond all this?
@IanH - I'm glad my reflection helped you to think about what we all write :) I have learned the hard way about those who are waiting to pounce! :(
@Gifty - thanks very much for giving me a chance. I hope to be real, but interesting and positive but true to myself the whole time. If that makes for interesting reading, I will be in luck! Thanks again :)

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