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Celebrations and Tears

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The brunette twin could hardly look at me when I picked up the girls from school yesterday. I could see the tears in her eyes, but didn't know the cause. We were walking away when she said, "Sissy got picked for the art show at the library and I didn't. It's not fair. She gets picked for all the art prizes."
My heart was breaking for her. I really wanted to take her in my arms and let her cry. I knew how hard it was to be happy for her twin when her art wasn't chosen. The problem was I didn't want to diminish the blond twin's achievement to make the brunette twin feel better. 
I really wanted to be any place other than standing between a giddy girl and a crying girl.
The blond twin started telling her twin that it didn't matter.  It was no big deal that her picture was chosen to be part of the school art exhibit at the local library. I put a stop to that conversation immediately. I explained that it was a big deal and we were going to celebrate. I told the brunette twin that art and writing seemed to be her sister's talents. What we needed to do now was find out what she was going to be good at because she has her own special talent.
It all sounded so good, but the brunette twin wasn't buying it.  She said, "I'm not good at anything. There's nothing special about me." She looked so sad it nearly made me cry.
We managed to work through it to the point where the brunette twin was happy for her sissy. The blond twin called Gramma and Daddy to share the good news. At dinner we made plans to make a family visit to the library to see her art on display. The brunette twin played along, but later she cried in my arms while her twin was downstairs. My heart was breaking, but I didn't minimize the blond twin's accomplishment. I told her we'd work together to figure out what her special skills were and how she could do special things. She heard the words, but didn't believe me. After all she is only eight. It's hard to be the one left behind at any age.

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