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Celebrating Youth with Boys by Girls

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Remember when I introduced you to Georgie Wileman ? In the interview I read about her, Wonderland Magazine mentions she was an editor at Boys by Girls , since I am curious I went and browse the site. Little did I know that it would be such a great discovery. Not only Georgie along with Cecilie Harris, the editor-in-chief of Boys by Girls, and Ira Chernova photograph male models in a beautiful way but they also present the boys as human beings having passions and dreams. Because sometimes seeing them on magazines and fashion shows make us forget that they are people just like you and me.

If you read this blog and especially this section, you surely have read many times that fashion photography is not my cup of tea. It's too polished, too perfect, too far from aesthetic. But recently I have come to reconsider my point of view. It all began with a picture by Alessandro Furchino, then I discovered Georgie and finally Boys by Girls. My attention got picked because as a model and a photography lover I have seen a lot of male photographers shoot female models and few female photographers shoot male models. So discovering Boys by Girls was definitely enticing because I was seeing women reinterpreting masculinity, fashion and youth through their lense. " There is something so magic about the teenager. They have it. We lost it. Capturing it in images is why I shoot." These are the words of the editor-in-chief, Cecilie Harris and they got stuck in my mind. Why ? Because when it comes to female models and fashion, I have the feeling that there is negativity about girls starting when teenagers on the catwalks. You will hear that they do drugs, they have eating disorders and that they work too much. Instead, Cecilie Harris and her team of girl photographers show us male models who are real professional. But, above all they are showing us young men, teenagers living a particular experience, which is modelling and how it influences their life. But Boys by Girls is not only about this, it's more : it's a celebration of youth and what makes it. It's during your youth that you develop passions and dreams and that's what these female photographers want us to see through their pictures.Boys by Girls is not only about fashion and beautiful boys but it also captures a moment in their life hence the different type of pictures. Cecilie also interviews the models and gives her impressions about them which in my opinion is great because it enables us, viewers and readers, to create a bond with these boys and see beyond their Adonis appearance (can't believe this shallow girl that I am actually wrote this..).

Now introducing you to two models that really caught my attention (needless to say that I picked my favorite pictures of them) :Fionn Creber
Celebrating youth with Boys by Girls

Celebrating youth with Boys by Girls
Fionn is the perfect embodiement of youth, the one between childhood and adolescence, hence the reason why he is the perfect representation of Peter Pan. I immediately thought about this character as soon as I saw his face, and so did Cecilie. He isn't androgynous but he has the tender face of a child. You can definitely see he is a boy but he has such delicate complexion and lines with beautiful eyes that seen on certain angles he looks like a girlSebastian SauveCelebrating youth with Boys by GirlsCelebrating youth with Boys by GirlsJust like Fionn, Sebastian is the perfect embodiement of youth, but the one in its 20's. He is more mature, more manly. He looks strong and confident. I wouldn't say Sebastian is good looking but he sure has a lot of charisma. I don't know why but seeing him I can't help but think about Robert Redford but with some roughness.Though both of them are completely different, they definitely are a representation of youth.

I almost forget to tell that in the end eventhough I didn't mention it, the most important thing are their eyes, their glance because it's from them that you can perceive who these boys are.I invite you to visit Boys by Girls , above all if you are insensitive to fashion photography like I thought I was. The pictures, the words written about the boys, their interviews will make you see the fashion world on an other angle and meet lovely personalities.I didn't say it but the site is only an appetizer, if you want to know more about the boys and the girls' work you can buy the whole magazine here. What is your perception of fashion photography ? Did you change your mind after reading this post ?

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