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Celebrating Today’s Women With The Akai Aiksho Song | Diwali Special

Posted on the 27 October 2019 by Themoviean

SVF Music known for gifting the Bengali audience with a unique content every festive season, releases the much-anticipated Bengali festive song of this year 'The Akai Aiksho Song' in association with Nihar Naturals.

The Akai Aiksho song was released on the weekend prior to Diwali, amplifying the festive fervour of the music loving audience. The song is directed by Bengal's one of the most sought-after directors, Dhrubo Banerjee, who has gifted the audience with the successful 'Guptodhon' franchise. This is his debut music video and his first association with SVF Music where he has directed five eminent women of the Bengali Entertainment Industry: Paayel Sarkar, Darshana Banik, Oindrila Sen, Anindita Bose and Tuhina Das

Sung by the powerhouse Sona Mahapatra and Vivek Hariharan, The Akai Aiksho Song celebrates the power of womanhood narrated through the story of the above 5 women. At the onset of the video we see one of the women (Darshana) getting married and in spite of being the bride she full fledgedly participates in the wedding decorations asserting her father that she is there for him both as a son and a daughter. The scenario moves to the second woman, Paayel, who is a successful pilot doing justice to her work but does not forget her old father and ensures his wellbeing. We then come across Anindita, who has set out to make a career in cricket which is known as a male dominated profession. She is carefree and focussed. On the other hand, we see a millionaire's daughter, portrayed by Oindrila Sen, teaching underprivileged children in a school, doing her bit for the society. Finally, we meet Tuhina, a creative designer who has chosen to become a homemaker, managing her family and pursuing her work through freelance. A phone call by Darshana to these women, reunites the five friends at her wedding who celebrate their free spirit and their ability to don multiple roles.

Positive about this fresh new number, director Dhrubo Banerjee said: "The Akai Aiksho Song is a music single that tells us that no matter how much we try, we will never be able to multitask like how a woman does in her daily life. This song is an ode to all those free spirited and hardworking women in our society. A song for today's Akai Aiksho women".

Co-founder and Director of SVF Music, Mahendra Soni said:"SVF Music is known for its versatile content that becomes a favourite in every Bengali's playlist. The Akai Aiksho song is dedicated to all women in our society who balance everything in today's fast paced life and is set out to achieve their dreams, no matter what. This is SVF Music's first branded song collaboration with Nihar Naturals and we are working towards multiple similar content together. I thank for associating with us in this thoughtful endeavour"

Beautifully composed by Gaurav Chatterji , penned by Ritam Sen and produced by SVF Music , The Akai Aiksho Song releases today.

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