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Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

By Amsterdam City Tours

Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

“A day of general thanksgiving,� proclaimed the Canadian Parliament in 1975, “for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed – to be observed on the second Monday in October.�

With these words, Canada’s Thanksgiving day was established. The feast of food is a celebration both of being thankful for the bounty of what one has in life, but also of the delicious meal the holiday has come to symbolise.

With mouth watering dishes that include homemade favourites like bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy and fresh cranberry sauce, Canadian Thanksgiving is a day that gets the taste buds roaring over the agonising nine month lead-up to the yearly event.

And though it may be miles away from the mainland, Amsterdam too will be home to Thanksgiving celebrations this 9 October, with Canadian’s woo-ing their international friends with traditional dishes.

But at The Kitchen, a special Thanksgiving meal is planned – one that not only satisfies those yearly cravings, but gets you busy cooking them too!

Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

Anyone who knows The Kitchen knows they have a knack for combining the art of cooking with the art of eating. They are known for their great meals, but good food doesn’t come without some work. At The Kitchen, guest chefs host each dinner offering lessons, instructions and insider tips on how to make the best of any meal.

Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

For this year’s Thanksgiving feast, they’ve invited Amsterdam’s Amanda Gowland to be their guest chef. A Canadian native, Gowland is no stranger to the artful – and appetising – Thanksgiving dinner.

Starting with a welcome cocktail and tasty treat, Gowland has lined up a menu of main courses that she will guide everyone through: Honey and Thyme Glazed Carrots, Uncle Sherman’s Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce – and the coveted Just Like Home Herb and Onion Bread Stuffing.

Everyone helps make dinner and enjoy the meal you’ve created together. New friends, a full belly and a lot of  great recipes – it sounds like a Thanksgiving celebration to me!

Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in Amsterdam

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