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Cats and Cake

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
Picture What am I doing this week?
Taking quiet moments to sit and think. A cat in your lap is welcome encouragement to rest a little longer.
Baking cakes. Spiderman birthday last Saturday. Wedding cake testing this Saturday. I'm dreaming of buttercream and perfectly flat cake layers.
Learning how to stay alert during mid-afternoon slumps.
-10 minutes of sun.
-A walk
-A cup of ginger tea
-Conversation with mom
-Triscuits with melted cheese
Reading. Always reading. Adoring Karen Russel's book of short stories and praying her mad skills will seep in through the contact of my thumbs with her fantabulous collection.
Do tell me, what is making your week?
Picture Jacob's cake is covered in the most fabulous buttercream in the world. As pretty as fondant looks, it tastes like cardboard compared to this. Recipe to come...

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