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Catholics: Remember the Upheaval of Vatican II?

Posted on the 01 March 2013 by Morage @kebmebms

I was a child in the early 60's when Vatican II took place and I'll never forget the effect it had on our Mother at the time.
She and our Dad were both huge, faithful Catholic followers at that point. Everything that was the Catholic Church, they had been taught and they bought off on, hook, line and sinker--and I'm not mocking it here, let me be clear.
For everything you have ever known and believed in and for everything you've ever been told was solid ground, so to speak, all of a sudden to be knocked out from under you, it was very disorienting, first, for her, as I understand, and second, I think she felt, believed and/or found out that all this that was supposedly so "in concrete" was, actually, arbitrary and man-made.
And the thing is, she was far, far from alone.
Great numbers of Catholics were disoriented by Vatican II, as we discovered.
Why do I bring this up?
Well, I bring this up now because I think that, if Catholics the world over are paying attention, there is actually a great deal--a great deal--of change going on with and in the Catholic Church, most especially pertaining to the Pope and his role in the last 8 years.
But it's also change and changes and disillusionment due to the Church's worldwide sexual abuse scandals, both in these nations around the world, separately, but also right there in and at the Vatican and Rome.
What I'm saying is that there are huge changes going on in and coming to the Catholic Church and this is almost the worst kind because they aren't planned in any way, far from it, they're out of control, if even half of what is written about the Church lately is true and finally, because it is change that is being forced on the Church again, from outside, by governments and other bodies.
So stay tuned, folks, because it already is a bumpy ride and it's going to be far, far more than just "a bumpy night."
I will say this, tough--one way the Catholic Church could somewhat--somewhat--vindicate itself is if, from this list of potential candidates for Pope, according to CNN just now:
Catholics:  Remember the upheaval of Vatican II?   Wouldn't it be incredible if the Catholic Church elected a black Pop?   Talk about change.   Wow.

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