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Catchup || January

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
The end of January is approaching us and so I decided it was time for a catchup. A check on those new year resolutions and life!
So those dreaded new year resolutions...are we keeping them?
Losing Weight; I am eating a lot healthier and controlling portion sizes and doing a bit more exercise so it going well so far :)
Saving money; it's going ok so far, I have the odd shopping spend but that's ok once in a while. I'm still on target.
Blogging schedule; nope! I realised that I just like blogging when I like blogging sometimes everyday sometimes every second, sometimes once a week. I don't think I'm going to set days!
Getting into university; I haven't heard anything back from any universities and so no news is good news at the moment, keeping fingers toes and eyes crossed!
Being jolly; I have been a lot more jolly and up beat it has really helped boost my confidence being more positive and not worrying about those little things. More beauty and fashion posts; I would say I'm sticking to that one quite well, more the beauty than fm fashion but I have done a couple of fashion ones.
All in all I'm not too bad so far, what about you are you sticking to those resolutions?
January hasn't been to busy, had some school exams last week which were great fun! Its just a bit of a nervous wait at the moment to see if any universities accept my requests.
I am really enjoying my blogging at the moment it's good for keeping me calm! I think blogging is therapeutic, if you are a blogger do you find it therapeutic? I also did a slight blog revamp, it needed a little bit of refreshening :)
I am feeling more optimistic and confident this month it must be the new year! I have tried some new things and got to know some new bloggers.
The end of this month and beginning of next I have decide to try and spread the love by introducing you to some new bloggers that I have met over the last year. If you would like to get in touch and been included in the love spreading then email me, tweet me or comment below.
I hope you are all safe and warm especially those with lots of snow, or safe and cool if you are in somewhere like Australia! :D
So I hope you are all well and enjoying life.
Laura x

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