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By Maradam @laura_fash

Catching up with good old friends, friends as in Vogue España, and the Spanish versions of Elle, InStyle, Glamour and a teenager magazine, Ragazza. I like to switch it up sometimes.

This morning I had this urge of getting a lot of magazines to catch up with, because I feel that I am kind of left behind on them. Since I moved to Amsterdam I haven’t read one single Vogue España copy, which means I missed the beauty, jewelry and collections supplements and all. I switched to Grazia (gotta love the juicy gossip, most of my Dutch vocab comes from there), Glamour NL, Jan, Jackie and anything else in between really. And now the Vogue Nederlands is almost here! I mean, I haven’t been so excited about a magazine since I subscribed to Teen Vogue. With so many beautiful people in this country it’s going to be a scandal! I know I said Lara or Doutzen will get the cover, but I wish somebody like Iekeline Stange, Bette Franke or Kim Noorda would do the cover. But, we shall see.


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