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Cat-Themed Halloween Cupcakes

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie

Picture Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. I don't think I've dressed up since I was in middle-school, and I certainly don't like those horror flicks that  disappear from every movie-rental store during the days of October.
But before all you witches and goblins take out your pitchforks, let me say this: any holiday that celebrates my animal-companion of choice is a holiday worth celebrating.
Everywhere I go, I see outlines of cats next to brimming-full moons. Down the street, my neighbor has adorned her yard with a white, spider-web gauze and a collection of skeletons. Each time I walk past, I shake my head at all the frivolous decorations until I see the black cat figurine perched on her porch-step.
"Aww," I say, grabbing Ryan's arm, "I want one of those."
Picture To those of you who've known me for over a year, this obsession is a new one.
Cats were never my favorite a child, I begged my parents for a puppy each Christmas, never a kitten.
But this May, only one week before my sister's funeral, Cricket came into our lives, and Ryan and I have been cat-lovers ever since.
On May 7th, a little gray cat attached herself to us while we were walking near Town Lake. After an hour of petting and frantic text messaging to our animal-loving friends (what do we do with a stray cat!??!), we took Cricket home.
It would only be a matter of time before I made a human treat dedicated to my number-one animal.
I figured Halloween would be a fitting time to share my creation with all of you.
The best part of making these cupcakes is the excuse to go buy candy. I loved walking through Central Market, picking out candy from the big plastic bins kept near the coffee.
"This will make a perfect whisker!" I said to an old lady scooping out candy corn. She nodded (probably to allay my own embarrassment and not in symbolism of true agreement).
When I arrived home, I loved arranging these petite candies on the top of my chocolate covered cupcakes.
And the photo shoot? Even better. Cricket and I couldn't have had more fun.
Picture Cat Cupcakes
*yields 12
1 dozen chocolate cupcakes
Chocolate frosting
3 full sheets of graham crackers
Candies of various shapes and sizes (think eyes, whiskers and nose)
1. After applying a thick layer of chocolate frosting to your cupcake, affix a candy nose to the center. Align candy whiskers to the left and the right of the nose. Place two eyes above.
2. Take a graham cracker and break into four pieces. Cut each piece in half, and then cut diagonally. Affix ears to both sides of cupcakes.
3. Take a picture with your cat and then enjoy!
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