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Casual Chic.

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups
Ever have one of those days where you try on everything in your closet and can't seem to find anything to wear? By the time you're done, your room looks like it's been through a tornado and you're wearing the same go-to outfit you always wear? I have those days daily now. Being pregnant and fashionable is hard, mostly because I feel like a cow with my extra 28 pounds of accessories (and no, I'm not talking about 28 pounds of an arm party). 
Casual chic.
Leggings (similar)/ Shoes (similar) / Tank / Sweater/ Turband
But if I let myself wear yoga pants and a t-shirt all day, I'll feel like crap. I know, not everyone feels this way but for me, it's just how I operate. Look good, feel good.
Casual chic.
Some of you may have seen my post on embracing the leather trend despite being pregnant, yet having a hard time finding the right pieces to fit my body. Enter these $14.99 leggings from Marshalls. SCORE. Obviously I had to get them in a bigger size to accompany for my growing belly but hey, I'm a happy camper and totally digging them. 
Casual chic.
I was also torn on how to wear an oversized sweater without looking like I was wearing my mother's bed sheet (is that an expression? If not...oops, awkward). But, since baggy is in, I can actually get away with it and not look like a total cow. I think the keyholes also help a little. 
Casual chic.
These shoes were a $2 Thrift Store find; they're Charlotte Russe brand and it was like they had never been worn! Total win :)
I wanted to mix this sweater with the leggings because I feel like sometimes, people see leather and think woah, too dressy. But you can totally dress it down if that's how you're feeling. What I love about fashion and seasonal trends is you can make it your own. I used to look at fashion and think I would never wear something or it looked weird but once I started experimenting on trying things how I wanted to wear them, it became a lot more fun. 
How do you incorporate trends with your own style? 
Casual chic.
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