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Casper Pencil Cases for Back to School

Posted on the 08 September 2018 by Hmcurator
Casper pencil case with lunch money pocket in pink front view.

I really must apologize. I know I said things are crazy around here, and I know I was away for a weekend to go to TerrifiCon, but it has been more than a month since I posted a new exhibit. It’s great to make improvements to the Harvey Mercheum website, such as enabling Rocket Loader, but without exhibits, there would be no Harvey Mercheum website to improve.

In the time since I last posted an exhibit, we have moved from summer to back to school. In that spirit, today I present not one, but two different Casper pencil cases, one with a lunch money pocket, one without. Both feature artwork of Casper with the Apollo 16 Command Module, which is odd, because the Apollo 16 mission was in 1972, and these pencil cases are copyrighted 1981. It also seems Casper was given a different color palette than Richie Rich, as these cases are pink and red. Long-time followers of the Harvey Mercheum may recall that Richie’s pencil cases were yellow and blue.

Casper pencil case with lunch money pocket in pink

Casper pencil case in red

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