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Posted on the 01 April 2011 by Pelski
Casino TimesIf you're a fan of that slow-building, epic-styled deep house à la Pional and John Talabot, you might just like Casino Times (a new music project between Joe Spencer and Nick Church (Get Your Geek On)). The comparison may seem a little strained - Casino Times's productions distinctively owe a lot to old school house. And here it's deep, soulful house - achingly wistful with those much-sampled Chaka Khan vocal snippets - but the light-footed beats and gently fluttering hats bring a modern, beautifully understated edge. It's delightful listening and thanks must go to Mush over at Pehjy who recently sent this over:
Casino Time - That's The Truth [pelski highly recommends]
Those familiar vocals from MJ Cole's seminal 'Sincere' are taken out of their garage element and plopped surprisingly well into a stripped-back house environment. The bubbly minimalist bassline sounds like a gentle reminder of the track's garage roots, but it bops along at such a leisurely pace if you didn't know the vocal you wouldn't know. Inventive stuff:
MJ Cole - Sincere (Casino Times Remix)
The slapping kick and muted piano chords of the old school house sound form the backbone of the original Hacienda classic 'I Like IT'. This simple edit smooths things out a bit:
Landlord - I Like It (Casino Edit)
Another minimal bootleg here, Casino Times add a gently jacking beat, and spreads fragments of Missy Elliot's vocals across the duration of the track:
Missy Elliot - Pass the Dutch (Casino Times Remix)
Keep your eyes on Casino Times.

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