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Case Study: Bella Pictures Uses UpStream to Automate ROI Analysis

Posted on the 01 October 2011 by Tchu @UpStreamMPM

elizabeth chris 13 1Bella Pictures, a national wedding photography company, uses UpStream’s Expense Tracker to calculate Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) for all marketing campaigns – by brand, marketing channel, vendor, and market. This visibility helped increase efficiency by over 60% by driving business decisions such as investing deeper into specific markets and cutting programs that were not effective.

Associating costs with meaningful attributes (time, vendor, market, brand, and channel) was the first step for Bella. As the complexity of the business increased, tracking the costs and ROI in Excel was no longer feasible, so Bella turned to UpStream for a solution.

UpStream’s Expense Tracker has an Excel front end and sits on a SQL database. UpStream pulls in Bella’s lead and customer data from SalesForce and applies business rules to calculate the ROI, as well as other important metrics. A simple report refresh – replacing what used to take hours of cutting and pasting a multitude of reports in Excel – updates in mere seconds!

Elizabeth McBain, Marketing Manager for Bella Pictures, says, “Before we started using UpStream’s Expense Tracker, I would cringe when it came time for reporting on marketing costs. UpStream is so effective while being almost effortless - I can’t believe we ever used to work without it!”

Bella Pictures ®is the first and only national wedding photography and video company to provide a trusted brand name and award winning service to style-conscious couples seeking premium wedding photography.  Bella Pictures has the largest and most selective photography network in the country, with fewer than 5% of applicants certified. Using a proprietary matching process, Bella Pictures has delivered nearly 20,000 weddings at a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Find out more at


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