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Cascaded Systems

By Futli @futlim

Wrong choice of heat source, means loss of money. “Cascade heating systems,” 40% more than conventional heating systems tasarrufludur.Bu are paying a very short time, so the initial investment cost and profit of the system by undergoing continuous.

What is Cascade System?

Cascaded Systems

Cascade device consisting of 3 heating system application

Kaskad condensing boilers will be installed on a number of boiler system heating system connected to a row. Condensing boilers, the capacity increases, due to the extremely expensive cost of materials used seems to have increased too. So instead of the high cost of a single large boiler at a total cost more than a cascade boiler systems are designed. In this system, all of the furnaces used in the “flame modulation should be”. A 80% capacity utilization during the winter season, considering the system used at full capacity 30% more working capacity is very low. That is one big flame modulation of the device efficiency to be achieved in stages with more than one device with the burning flame of modulation has a very large difference in yield.
Kaskas systems, boiler rooms will look more modern and cleaner. Hanging on the wall where the furnaces that are won through. Wall is not solid enough, the boiler must be connected to the rails to be mounted perpendicular to the wall.


Cascade system design and installation

Technical guidelines should be followed when designing and installing multi-boiler systems. Using this design, significant errors will be prevented.

Cascade systems which include hydraulic equipment;

1 – Balance tank

2 – Dirt separator

3 – Hydraulic Connection Kit

4 – Security Equipment

5 – Hot water heating solutions

6 – Second-circuit the main circulation pump

7 – Additional components

1- Balance tank:
Both the boiler and central heating systems can be used to cascade. Cascade is essential for use in systems.
Cascade system with pump circulation pumps, boilers used in the system to eliminate the difference between the denge_kabi flow is used to balance container.
In every accident has its own circulation pump.
Connect more than one boiler is run in parallel, the circulation pump can be powered more than one.

Cascaded Systems

Balance tank

Part due to modulation of a boiler is switched off, switch on and start the circulation pump is one part girer.Bu so.
Negative situations occur in circulation. In addition, circulation pumps are connected in parallel to the installation needs at the height of the discharge karşılayamazlar.

Therefore, an external circulation pump should be added to the system.
This pump is activated when placed on the boiler inlet and outlet of each of the unstable situation, even, at this time consists of the entrance to an external pump.
In this case, a balance tank is fitted to prevent this imbalance.
Also, the way back to the boiler installations, installation has to be used in the liquid fluid undergoes heat loss.
This temperature difference causes the emergence of the boiler thermal stress reduces the life and win.

The main task of the balance pan;
The installation has to be mixed with cold water and hot water from the boiler to ensure thermal equilibrium. Thus, thermal equilibrium is reduced to a minimum.

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