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Carry The Hose!

Posted on the 01 May 2012 by Thewritefuture @thewritefuture

For all of you not aware yet of the joyful event that will take place in 2 weeks’ time: I will celebrate my twentieth birthday (for the twentieth time). And of course I can only wish for a sustainable present. How fortunate that I bumped into this brilliant initiative at a sustainability conference last week: a handbag made of a decommissioned fire-hose. It was previously deployed in active duty for up to 30 years, fighting fires around the UK. The really hot orange lining is made from reclaimed parachute silk!

Sustainable gadget

It’s a product of the Elvis & Kresse, an organisation that creates brilliant accessories by re-engineering waste. 50% of the profit is donated to charity, in case of the fire-hose bag, to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Just a perfect gift for any hard working mum turning 20(++) years old!

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