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Carrot Root Fly Precautions

By Mwillis
Last year I used Enviromesh for the first time, to protect my carrots from the Carrot Root Fly, and I am now a convert. Carrot Root Fly infestation is more or less inevitable if carrots are not protected, and the results can be devastating.

Carrot Root Fly precautions

Carrots infested by Carrot Root Fly - Photo from 2010

The manufacturer's website describes Enviromesh like this:-
"Enviromesh is a fine mesh netting, woven from U.V. stabilised polyethylene.  The mesh size is 1.35mm.  The weight is around 55g/m2, light passage 90% and air passage 75%.  The material is very durable.  In tests, it showed no deterioration after continuous exposure for a period of 60 months.  In practice, Enviromesh has lasted a period of more than 10 years."
Having seen the results of using this material, I shall be using it for the foreseeable future!
These are my maincrop carrots, duly protected:
Carrot Root Fly precautions

There are three rows of carrots under there, as well as one row of beetroot.
Carrot Root Fly precautions

And these are my little "cocktail carrots", growing as usual in a raised wooden planter outside our kitchen window. The actual carrots are in two plastic crates filled with compost.
Carrot Root Fly precautions

I have used a small offcut of Enviromesh, supported by six metal rods topped with cane-toppers.
Carrot Root Fly precautions

This will give enough height for the carrot leaves to grow unhindered.
Carrot Root Fly precautions

The mesh is secured to the wooden planter with some drawing-pins.
Carrot Root Fly precautions

All the carrot foliage looks good so far, but of course it is too early for any significant roots, though with all this protection I'm quietly confident... (famous last words).

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