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Carnivore Club: Meaty Mystery Delivery

By Foodobyte @foodobyte


Believe it or not, I used to eat steaks for breakfast when I was in elementary. Why? Because protein means growth… sorta. Standing at 5’5”, I’m not exactly towering people, but close enough.

Carnivore Club is a subscription service that sends its members mystery boxes each month featuring an artisan producer of cured meats. When the Carnivore Club asked me if I wanted to try out May’s box, my meat tooth wiggled. wiggle wiggle wiggle.


It was time to satisfy my inner carnivore.


Each box is packed with 4-6 cured meats. Lucky for me, I got to try six products from the GIO line, a Canadian arm of US-based Daniele Inc that started over 60 years ago.


Carnivore Club ships directly to your door. Don’t worry about it spoiling while traveling though, the packaged meats will last 40-60 days stored at room temperature. Refrigerate it after opening.


In the box, there was:

  • Sliced Prosciutto (top left)
  • Sliced Sweet Coppa (top middle)
  • Sliced Sweet Sopressata (bottom left)
  • Sliced Hot Sopressata (bottom right)
  • Milano Chub (top right)
  • Genoa Chub (not photographed, but looks simliar… didn’t have enough room on my board LOL)

Of course, I added some grape tomatoes to be healthy.


Prosciutto was a classic goodie. It’s aged for at least nine months after applying sea salt.


Sweet Coppa is made of the solid muscle between the head (“capo”) and the shoulder (“collo”). Seasoned and hung for up to four months.


The Sopressata’s Sweet and Hot – were coarsely ground, made with all-natural spices without any fillers or additives. The Hot one was dangerously addictive…


The Milano Chub was a dry-cured salame flavoured with smoke oil, spices and white wine. Similarly, the Genoa Chub was made with white wine and spices with some zesty-ness.

For people weary of commitment, there’s an onetime fee of $55 option for just one month (i.e. one box). For others favouring long-term relationships, there’s a $50/month subscription with your choice of frequency: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Check out their website CarnivoreClub.co for more details.

Disclaimer: Carnivore Club sent me this complementary box for review, but all opinions are my own.

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