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Carlos Gomez Should Have Not Been Suspended For Hitting A Home Run Last Night

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit

Crols Gomez Brian McCann

Carlos Gomez Should Have Not Been Suspended For Hitting A Home Run Last Night

So last night, Carlos Gomes hit a home run, enjoyed it a bit at the plate and then proceeded to take his stroll around the bases.  On his way, it appears, the pitcher, Pat Maholm has words with him as well as first baseman Freddie Freeman and finally, catcher Brian McCann meets Gomez before he even reaches home plate.  First, is that legal?  Don’t you have to let the guy cross home plate?  Either way, someone tell Brian McCann to chill the fuck out.  Hey bro, guy hit a home run, enjoyed it and now you’re pissed.  Wanna fight about it?  Gomez was ejected but McCann wasn’t and that’s just a laughable situation.  Since when can you prevent someone to score on a home run because you want to scream at him?  #weaksauce Brian McCann.

Now, we’ve heard that Carlos Gomez has been suspended for tonight’s game, but McCann hasn’t, really MLB?  What did Carlos Gomez do wrong?  Did he not apologize to Maholm for crushing a pitch he left out over the middle of the plate?  Did he not let Brian McCann punch him in the face at home plate?  I’m pretty confused about the whole thing.  Wasn’t Brian McCann just involved in something like this a few weeks ago?  Oh right, HE WAS!  Remember, I wrote about it when Jose Fernandez hit his first ever home run.

Maybe Brian McCann needs to stop getting upset when people hit home runs off his pitchers.  Imagine what McCann would have done if this guy from the Korean Baseball Organization had been playing the Braves?

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