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Cardiologist in India Earns State Award for Patient Safety and Quality

By Allyson3james

Cardiologist in India are trained at the top institutes in India and abroad. They are completely dedicated to the prevention and treatment of various cardiac diseases. Over 1,52,000 cardiac cardiothoracic surgeries performed till date. Therefore it’s not a surprise that cardiologist in India earns state award for patient safety and quality. Our team of specialists are experienced to perform the most complicated coronary artery bypass surgery, heart surgery for children and surgery for all types of valvular heart diseases. The success rates of the surgery done by cardiologist in India are highly comparable to the international standards.

Cardiologist in India earns state award for patient safety and quality

The patient safety and quality leadership award was presented to the cardiologist in India during the year 2016. The MHA patient safety and quality symposium was held in Detroit this week where the Health and Hospital Association presented the Keystone Center patient safety and quality leadership award to the University of Cardiovascular Center and the best cardiologist in India.

This state award recognizes the individuals who demonstrate the leadership in the patient safety and quality improvement. It is to encourage those whose contributions to the field transcend the bounds of their own hospital or the health system. The cardiologist in India is an associate chief of the cardiovascular medicine at the U-M health system which directs the inpatient services in the Division of the Cardiovascular Medicine. Earlier the Blue Cross Blue Shield has also nominated him for his visionary leadership skills as the director of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Cardiovascular Consortium and the Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Collaborative Quality Initiative (BMC2 PCI).

The statewide collaborative uses a registry of the procedural, patient demographic and the outcome data on every PCI being done at the hospitals in India. All these efforts have helped the provides to achieve significant reductions in the key complications such as the vascular access complications, dye-induced kidney injuries, coronary artery bypass graft surgery and unnecessary blood transfusion. The cardiologist in India led implementation of a site and physician specific procedures indications report based on the College of Cardiology PCI Appropriateness Criteria in India.

He also engage the collaborative members to address the appropriateness of the PCI by building an innovative tool to reduce the rate of potentially inappropriate angioplasties being done in the state from 8.6% to 1.7% for a period of over four years. Further, he has also helped foster a culture in Indian Healthcare that recognizes the efforts and best thinking are pooled for continuously optimizing the practice, outcomes of care and the system. The cardiologist in India has effectively engaged all the hospitals located across the country that provide PCI so that knowledge can be quickly disseminated, alerts the consortium participants regarding the concerning trends and patterns that need to be addressed immediately.

Through his extensive writing, inventions and developments of PCI-related risk assessment tools, speaking engagements, the knowledgeable leadership of the cardiologist in India extends throughout the world’s cardiology community. He advocated on behalf of the healthcare providers and communities and patients served in India. It is nationally recognized leader on the initiative for protecting and promoting highest quality, cost effective and accessible healthcare.

India has witness a lot of growth in the medical world where not only the cardiologist in India are considered as a leading practitioner in the field of medicine across the world, but also the patients from different parts of the world visit here for their treatments. Cardiac problems are the leading cause of death among the young and middle aged population today and a majority of them have sudden attacks from lifestyle cardiac diseases.


Cardiologist in India earns state award for patient safety and quality

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