Hair & Beauty Magazine Debit Card Review

By Trina @embellishcandle
Hello readers I hope you are all enjoying this great Friday. Well so far I am today, because I just received my cute Kitty in Pink Luggage Debit Card. I chose this design for me, because I love kittens and this one looked so adorable. I'm sure when I pull it out my wallet at the store people are going to rave about how cute it is.
My debit card came from and the coolest thing about it is that you get to choose  from many card designs from pets to flags and more. Choose a card that fits your personality. You can use this card at any location that accepts Visa . Ways to add money to your card are Green Dot MoneyPak, Western Union Locations and you can link your card to Paypal.
This card is safe, because you are not carrying cash in your pocket. Get cash at ATM's worldwide and check your balance. You can also deposit your work check to your card, no more worrying about cashing it when the money is ready on the card for you. So you can say goodbye to long lines and check cashing stores. Here are some pictures of what the card came in and me holding my brand new card and I love it! Sign up for a card today.
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