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Candle Spells Part II

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
I discussed in my previous post "candle spell part I "how to draw money through candle spells. This post is about the candle spell that can that can bind your love interest to you . Whether you believe it or not there's no harm in trying as it doesn't cost you anything and if you do benefit pass it off as a coincidence...
Candle Spells Part II.

    Love Binding Spell
    This spell is used to bind your love interest to you. To perform this spell, you'll need a red candle, preferably in the form of the person you love (a male or female-shaped candle), one long string from your clothing and one from your target's clothing.
    Carve the person's name and any other symbols into the candle. Dress the candle with any ritual oil ,
    either storebought or homemade.
    Focus on your goal, to bind this person to you in love.Take the two strings and tie them together on one end, and then on the other while saying: I bind this knot to bring (insert the target's name here)'s love. I bind this knot to bring (person's name here)'s desire.
    While tying a second knot at each end, say the following: I bind this knot and bring (person's name here)'s faithfulness. I bind this knot to bring (person's name here)'s love to me.
    Tie a third knot on one end of the string while saying: Come to me, so mote it be.
    Light the candle and say: The fire of love does burn in his (or her) heart.

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