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Candide Pt 6: CerebralMix 2014-10-19

Posted on the 21 October 2014 by George De Bruin @SndChaser


Candide Pt 6: CerebralMix 2014-10-19

Candide Pt 6: CerebralMix 2014-10-19

Candide Pt 6 is by far the longest section of the novel.  The biggest portion of this revolves around the sequence of events that take place in France, which are possibly the most complicated portion of the whole book.  France is portrayed as containing people that are the most knowledgeable and learned, and yet the most corrupt in many ways.  The primary example of which is the way in which Candide is fooled into thinking that Cunegonde is there, and lured into a trap. But, things backfire when Candide bribes an officer with enough funds to actually not be taken to prison, and, in fact, inspire enough loyalty in the officer to be escorted from the country.

What does this say about the world?  More so, about the premise that things are for the best, the best of all possible worlds?  Voltaire is making the case that there is no such thing.  That people are motivated by their own ends, and cloak themselves in what garments are the most appropriate.  Abbe, actress, Officer, writer, etc. make no difference.  The state of the world is only that which is based on the intent of the person, and how they use the cloak of their role in life.

There is a fitting aphorism for this: you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Or, in this case, you cannot judge a person by their cloak (role).


In the past I’ve reproduced the text of the poems or short pieces that I read during the show. However, with the text of Candide being much longer, I think it is better to grab a copy of the book to read along with the show if you so wish.

The reading by Ted Delorme is based on the Modern Library version from 1918. A copy of this version of the book can obtained from the Internet Archive: Modern Library – Voltaire’s Candide. This book is available in all the all the major eBook formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, HTML, Daisy and DjVu.

In the playlist below is a link to the LibriVox version of the audio book. The version presented in the show has been modified a bit (removed the opening and closing LibriVox credits on each chapter to make it flow better with the show, normalized the audio level, and created a stereo version from the original mono source files for streaming).

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Duration: 01:58:58 Published by SndChaser under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.


Start Artist Track Title License

00:00:00 SndChaser CerebralMix 6 CC BY-NC-SA

00:00:28 Voltaire’s Candide as read by Ted Delorme Candide: Chapter 21 Pub Domain

00:04:16 The Fucked Up Beat Sleep Onset Room 22/ Mrs. Denton on Doomsday CC BY-NC-SA

00:09:06 Krister Linder The Great Surrender (Planet Boelex remix) CC BY-NC-ND

00:16:49 SndChaser CerebralMix ID Break CC BY-NC-SA

00:17:00 Voltaire’s Candide as read by Ted Delorme Candide: Chapter 22 Pub Domain

00:39:51 Spiedkiks Little Smartphone People CC BY-SA

00:43:25 Tar Miles us three CC BY-NC-ND

00:49:55 Bruce H McCosar The Last Word is Hope CC BY-SA

00:54:11 SndChaser CerebralMix ID Break CC BY-NC-SA

00:54:22 Voltaire’s Candide as read by Ted Delorme Candide: Chapter 23 Pub Domain

00:57:21 When Tides Collide The Full Moon Breathes Quiet Smiles of Light CC BY-NC-ND

01:01:08 brokenkites Deeper Whole CC BY-NC-ND

01:05:18 mystified radio events CC BY-NC-SA

01:07:51 Fredo Fooled For Thought CC BY-NC-ND

01:10:58 PeerGynt Lobogris Window to the Soul CC BY-NC-SA

01:14:33 dustmotes Little Show CC BY-NC-ND

01:17:05 Matte Henderson so much more (killing) CC BY-NC

01:20:28 SndChaser CerebralMix ID Break CC BY-NC-SA

01:20:39 Voltaire’s Candide as read by Ted Delorme Candide: Chapter 24 Pub Domain

01:31:07 Joe Frawley Beneath The Trees CC BY-NC-ND

01:35:20 Moderator Bossa For Your Feet CC BY-NC-SA

01:38:03 planet boelex paprikas from deep CC BY-NC-ND

01:44:26 Ergo Phizmiz Voodoo People CC BY-NC-SA

01:49:26 Cloudkicker Garage Show CC BY

01:52:04 Daniel Estrem Prelude 00 Book 2 Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 887 CC BY-NC-SA

01:56:19 Daniel Estrem Prelude 7 Book 2 Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 876 CC BY-NC-SA

01:58:58 SndChaser CerebralMix Outro CC BY-NC-SA

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