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*Cancun Day 4: Girls Day Vs. Boys Day

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
This morning started VERY early for Aaron, Kyle and Brad. They had signed up for an all day excursion that was 3 hours away and needed to get on a bus around 7:30am.
Before I share some of the details that Aaron shared with me about Chichen Itza, I will quick share with you what Kris and I did all day. I am sure you can guess...
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
...Yup! You got it- we sat out in the sun all. day. long! I made it my mission to FINISH my book that I had been reading "MWF seeking BFF" Our day went like so...
We enjoyed a good breakfast with mimosas [DOY!]
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
Found our morning spot on the beach- seeing Rad Chad & Kristin. Chad was fresh out of chew at this point in the trip. According to Kristin he was quite the cranky bear about it too. Aaron TOTALLY called it the night before. Being Chad's roommate in college, we all know how SERIOUS Chad's relationship with chew is.
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
But 1pm [i was getting SO MUCH READING DONE] those stinking mid-day Cancun clouds rolled in and we ever felt a sprinkle or two. BUT we weren't moving so we just covered up with our towels for a little while [BOO!]
At a good point in my book [aka the ipad died] we decided it was lunch time. So we ventured up to the indoor buffet [we had only eaten here one other time- on the first day]. Here I enjoyed a plate full of my most favorite daily lunch foods; chips, pico, beef & rice. It's rather odd but SO SUPER YUMMY! mmmmm I could go for some right now!
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
After lunch we browsed the hotel gift shop and then decided to get back on the beach since the sun was back out. This was also our last real day to enjoy beach sun- we found new chairs and parked it here for the rest of the afternoon. I ended up taking a little nap and it felt great!
As the sun was setting we packed up and walked around the hotel taking some very pretty sunset photos over Cancun. *Sidenote: sunset photos are one of my MOST favorite things to take pictures of- besides Avrie of course ;)
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
Kris and I parted ways to our room so that we could have a little down time in our room before the boys returned. Her and I had such a great day talking about everything from potty training to lasik eye surgery! haha It was fun having no plans for the day and just being able to chat, read and relax on the beach.
Once back in the room, and as I waited for Aaron to get back I read more of my book and could NOT put it down! It was nearing 8pm and Aaron was not yet back- I was kind of getting a little worried, but just after 8- we walked in and I could tell he was tired! After a quick recap of his fun adventures he took a little cat nap on the balcony hammock while I got ready for dinner.
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
Brad, Kris, Kyle, Aaron and I ventured across the street to have dinner at Lorenzillo's. I was really in the mood for PIZZA! or PASTA! but we ended up going over for seafood. No worries, it was SO SUPER good! It was a cool little restaurant with an "East Coast" ambiance. [p.s. i've never been to the east coast, besides D.C., but i feel like this place is what you might find out there] anywhoooo Aaron went with peel and eat shrimp that were HUGE while I went with the grouper in a garlic butter sauce. UM... YUM....! [drooling!]
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
Dinner, once again, had us stuffed up to our eyeballs! As we made our way outside we took a couple of photos both outside of Lorenzillo's and then outside of our hotel.
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
We ended up in the hotel lobby to say goodbye one last time to most everyone that would be leaving early the next morning. So after a couple nightcaps and pictures- we all gave hugs, high fives and brett favres [the ultimate sign of affection for this group of guys!]
*Cancun Day 4: girls day vs. boys day
It was close to 1am when we went to bed- yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn! :O
And... tomorrow is our LAST day in Cancun, we had a late flight so Aaron and I had the morning to spend at the hotel/on the beach (in NON beachwear booo) but we still had fun.
Before I wrap up our Cancun'13 vacation! I will quickly share a little bit of Aaron's trip to Chichen Itza via some facts and greats pictures shared by Kyle. I asked Aaron to do a VLOG so that I could interview him asking him some cool questions and he said ABSOLUTELY NOT! ...I tried ;) Check back for this a little bit later today.

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