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Canberra the New Hot Spot

By Mischieviousmum
Canberra the New Hot Spot

If I could be anywhere right now, I would be in Canberra!
I have no desire to live down in Canberra, but I would go down for a period of time to attend the biggest Australian protest rally I have ever seen in my life. The rally was today, the 12th of February 2022, and the reason why I would attend is to make some noise and annoy our corrupt politicians. Little ol' me on my own is not noisy enough to make a difference on my own, but imagine how much noise a million people stomping their feet outside parliament house would cause. This protest is going to be historic on so many levels! It looks incredibly exciting down there in Canberra right now. Friends who are down there have reported back that it feels electric in Canberra, I so wish we were able to go down and be apart of it all.

Canberra the New Hot Spot
Canberra the New Hot Spot
Canberra the New Hot Spot

Since these photos were uploaded onto Social Media (thanks Jace Falkenberg #convoyforfreedom2022, #ConvoytoCanberra2022) more people from all around Australia have arrived in Canberra. People travelled through the night to be there for the march today. People are standing up for freedom and it is so exciting to watch and be apart of. I may not be physically down in Canberra, but I am watching and talking with friends and family about unity and freedom. It is exciting to see the numbers grow and grow in Australia.
Why aren't the Australian media reporting on the protests properly? The Australian public, for the most part have been lied to by the media. The same media protect the corrupt government, and all of their departments, and the state governments. The media in Australia need a shake up and start reporting the truth, but that won't happen till we weed out the corruption. Friends who have travelled down earlier in the week are reporting peaceful protests and have noted that the media coverage showing protesters yelling and screaming at police have been manipulated to show them to be irrational and difficult, also, the media is editing out the police brutality.
While I was watching the videos last night of the people heading into Canberra, they were met with excited horn and whistle blowing locals to the peoples paddock of Canberra. Camp Epic is the new home to numerous Australians for the next few weeks. Last night one of the guys in the videos said that he believed that there were well over a million people coming in, and were expecting more people throughout the night and into this morning. There are numerous buses from all over Australia heading into Canberra, so if this doesn't frighten the pants off corrupt politicians then I don't know what will. Even if the numbers are below a million people, there were still hundreds and hundreds of thousands down in Canberra. People want justice, mandates dropped so they can go back to work and provide for their families, it's also about pushing back on government over reach, and standing up for our personal sovereignty according to the Australian constitution.
If politicians apply the Australian constitution to their decision making process they would always keep the people in mind. What is in the best interest of the people of Australia? How we have been treated throughout this 'plandemic' has woken many of us up to the lies we have been told over the years. If you want more information about this, Rod Culleton has a lot of information regarding the changes Gough Whitlam and his team made one 1973.
We know the mandates go against the Australian constitution, and the Governor General ought to have stood up already and reprimanded ScoMo, the liberal party and all the State Premiers for their lies, lack of leadership, and over reach. The silence from the Governor General speaks very loudly. So, if the Governor General can't do his job properly he needs to vacate his position. I realise that he has resigned and will not be going to the next election, however until the next election he is the Governor General and he needs to do his job.
If you know me, you will know that I am very excited about the upcoming election. The date may not be announced yet, but it will soon be announced because we have been told there are only 8 parliamentary sitting days left before the upcoming election. I really hope ScoMo is feeling overwhelmed by the numbers arriving in Canberra. Scratch that, I hope Scott Morrison is freaking out by the numbers arriving in Canberra.
Did you know that Liberals, Labor and Greens aren't the only parties you can vote for?

There are other options, thank God!
It's so exciting to know there are other options. There are two camps of voters. The voters who always vote the same party no matter who it is in their electorate, and then there is the camp of having no idea who to vote for. The best way to vote is to do your homework. Know who the candidates in your electorate are and find out who aligns with your values. There may not be anyone who aligns with your values perfectly, but we have to stop believing red/blue/green are going to work on the peoples behalf - because they haven't for over 75 years. It is time to put Red/Blue/Green at the bottom of the ballot paper.

Canberra the New Hot Spot

I hope over the next few weeks that people who will start to think about who they might vote for. Don't just think if you normally vote liberals that you will give the other guy a go. Labor has a very weak leadership under Albaneze. This election vote for FREEDOM. If you listen to Rod Cullenton you will learn why it is so important why voting Labor is not voting for freedom. This election is different. If we vote the same way we have always voted for we will always get what we have always gotten. We have to vote out the clowns, and vote for people who are good and decent. The alternative parties we should look at....

United Australia Party - Craig Kelly
The Great Australia Party - Rod Cullenton
Australia One - Riccardo Bosi
One Nation - Pauline Hanson
Bob Katter Australian Party - Bob Katter
Remember, the candidate in your electorate is your representative in parliament. It is their job to be your person in parliament. Ask yourself, do you want another four years of Liberal/Nationals? Can you stomach four years of Anthony Alboneze? If your answer is no, then you need to make alternative choices. The election may not be called just yet, but the announcement is coming. Instead of going to the ballot box this year not knowing who you will vote for, let's get to know who the candidates in our electorate are so when we step into the electoral box to vote, the names are familiar to us. Also, bring a pen. If you make a mistake ask for a new form.
Hope you are well?
Till next time,

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