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Canadian Thinks Your Are “loathsome” to Buy Gun

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn
Smarter than you...

Smarter than you…

‘Kids in the Hall’ Star Calls New Firearm Owners ‘Loathsome’

Via Breitbart: It makes sense why someone might buy a gun after hearing about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre late last year.

Such tragedies are often used by anti-gun legislators to curtail Second Amendment rights, which is precisely what happened in the days and weeks that followed. Or, the massacre might simply remind people that they’d like to have a firearm in their home to protect their loved ones from those who think nothing of strolling into a school and firing at children.

To comedian and Kids in the Hall player Dave Foley, the people who bought firearms after the massacre are simply “loathsome.”

Originally from Canada, Dave should be more concerned about is own children. In 2011 he couldn’t fly back to Canada for fear of being arrested for owing child support payments.

Glad this Canadian can preach to us about our Second Amendment rights.  Call me loathsome for wanting to protect myself all you want. Won’t change my rights.


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