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Can You Surrender to Deep Love? Twin Flames!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Can you surrender to deep love? Twin Flames!Lois & Clark:

Love deep.. real deep so you love deeply!

Can you surrender to deep love? Twin Flames!Originally posted on Twin Flame Archives:

Welcome dear soul….

The power of resistance of the ego and it’s effects on the pain body!

Runner, Chaser, Stand Stiller? Which is it? We love you welcome to another installment of our Journey!

We are often challenged when it comes to resistance of what we interpret others are doing, thinking or seeing us as we are. We often do this from a lens that either is resisting something we are fighting inside or because we just won’t see both sides to anything.

True change is possible without resistance is this not a fact? When you have resistance to something you don’t agree with for example, you have a few choices, retreat, attack or surrender. The surrendered action is looked at as weak, where actually it is the most powerful. Not a choice to be weak or strong is this action for it requires you to do the most beautiful…

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