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Can You Die From Baby Powder?

By Khadija Beauty @khadijabeauty3

Baby powder was billed as safe for years. Recently, however, numerous potentially fatal health effects have been made public that are associated with its long-term use. Many people who have used baby powder for years are now facing debilitating illnesses, some of them fatal. Many believe the baby powder use to be the cause of their poor health.

If you have used baby powder, then you might be wondering about what these revelations mean for you and if you are entitled to compensation. Find out what health risks baby powder is associated with and what you can do about them.

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What Is Baby Powder?

Baby powder is an astringent powder typically made of cornstarch or talc. For years it was marketed as a safe way to absorb perspiration in sensitive areas, especially for infants and women. There are no medical uses for baby powder, but it obtained widespread usage for cosmetic purposes and personal hygiene. However, these usages have recently come into question as new studies have shown it may be associated with a variety of illnesses.

Is Baby Powder Dangerous? Is baby powder safe for babies?

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby talcum powder is a go-to solution for many for absorbing unwanted moisture. But over the last couple of years, it has been proven unsafe (Though the brand has claimed that they have re-formulated their baby products now). Baby powder can cause respiratory distress among people who use it, especially infants.

Talcum is a mineral that can cause various health problems after long-term exposure. Baby powder that contains talc is associated with various types of cancers and lung diseases, and may also be contaminated with asbestos.

Should I Worry if I’ve Been Using Baby Powder?

If you have been using baby powder, it’s important to know that studies are still underway to determine which diseases are associated with it. While some studies have not established a link between baby powder and certain conditions, further studies may revise these findings.

However, baby powder can cause lung problems depending on its use, which may be especially concerning when it is used for infants. Diseases that may be associated with baby powder include the following:

  • Asthma
  • Lung cancer
  • Other respiratory illnesses
  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer

Those that have used baby powder may be concerned about their welfare and the welfare of their children. This concern may be especially acute for instances where you or your child display signs of illnesses associated with baby powder and talcum powder. However, you do have options to address these problems if you are now facing them.

How Do I Seek Compensation for Talcum Powder Use?

Seeking compensation for talcum powder use can be difficult, as the field is now emerging for the first time. However, seeking out a lawyer experienced in liability claims and who specializes in talcum powder cases is essential to giving yourself the best chance of success. They can help you navigate the path forward and argue your case in court. They may also be able to help you obtain a settlement to cover potential medical expenses or financial losses.

Have Settlements for Baby Powder Use Already Been Won?

Several settlements have been awarded to plaintiffs who used baby powder and claim it caused their health problems. Johnson and Johnson faced over 13,000 cases alleging its baby powder caused health problems for consumers, mostly women, across the United States A California cour awarded the plaintiffs in one case $29 million, indicating that if you believe you have a claim, now is the time to file it.

A lawyer who can assist you in your liability claim for exposure to harmful substances contained in baby powder will help you to obtain the maximum settlement possible. Contacting one today can help you to avoid financial hardship from dealing with medical expenses and lost wages.

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