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Can We Stop Bashing Google+ Now?

Posted on the 11 September 2012 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia

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A few days ago, I read an article from a self-proclaimed Social Media Rockstar who was literally bashing Google+.

His claim? The platform is fake because only marketers use it. His conclusion? G+ is hopeless, and he prefers losing clients rather than reconsidering his position.

Writing controversial posts is an excellent technique to attract traffic to a blog. However, if common sense is left behind, people will end up focusing on the writer’s lack of credibility — and with good reasons. See, for example,  ”11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media“.

I have nothing against those who keep bashing Google+. I just wish they had valid arguments to defend their claims.

  • “Google+ is a pale copy of Facebook” - Google+ and Facebook serve very different purposes. Stop comparing them.
  • “Google+ is a ghost town” - You need to spend more than a few days on G+ to start understanding how things work. There is actually an  incredible variety of members (journalists, social media savvy individuals, artists, photographers, designers…) who share great content that you may not find anywhere else.
  • “There is no engagement on Google+” - The best conversations I have had in the last few months have taken place on G+. Engagement is not about numbers. It is about quality interactions.
  • “I can’t sell anything on Google+” - Do you use G+ to just share promotional messages or do you play by the 80 / 20 rule? And how do you encourage dialogue?
  • “It’s up to Google to make G+ work” – Yeah, blame it on the company if you cannot leverage the social network. After all, you do not need a strategy. All you have to do is open your profile and wait for others to find you, right?

Of course, Google+ is not for everyone. But, isn’t it the case for other social networks?

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