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Can the Domain King’s Success Be Replicated in the Future ?

Posted on the 02 April 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

Rick Schwartz made his triumphant comeback to domain commentary by getting on Twitter and filling up everyone’s timeline with domaining anecdotes, tips, and a few rants.

One of the takeaways from Rick’s tweets in March was that he believes people can replicate his success today. He believes for every advantage he had in the past there are just as many if not more advantages today.

For every advantage I had in 1996, there are equal or more advantages today. Was a complete gamble until 1997. I DISCOVERED things! #Domains

— Rick Schwartz (@DomainKing) March 30, 2017

Konstantinos from OnlineDomain sees things a bit differently

@onlinedomaincom Not at $100 a pop & mortgage 2 pay & a reg business 2 run. No infrastructure. No earning power in mainstream. 10% of businesses online. etc.

— Rick Schwartz (@DomainKing) March 30, 2017

@onlinedomaincom Where I come from, $100 to $5k is pretty damn good! REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT. Do that 4x a week for a year, you are a millionaire.

— Rick Schwartz (@DomainKing) March 30, 2017

So what do you think has domaining hit peak profitability for the masses (not just outliers) or can the Domain King’s success be replicated ?

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