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Can’t Think of a Topic for This Week’s Blog Post?

By Stacylrust

We are in the thick of winter here in Minneapolis, and unlike many people, I actually really like this time of year.

It gets dark early, and it’s nice to cozy up on the couch with Charlie, get some work done, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies. The hustle of the holidays is over, and I have some time to relax, write, and plan for the year ahead.

This week, I thought we’d talk about creating marketing content. Every strong marketing strategy includes regular content creation: blog posts, social media, emails, etc.

Just as it is important for people to stay in touch with friends and family, it’s vital for a business to stay connected to its audience.

But the challenge for business owners is coming up with fresh content to share. I often talk to entrepreneurs who want to be active online, but find it tough to stay consistent. Coming up with new ideas to share with their audience becomes a daunting weekly task that eventually falls to the wayside.

If you want to be OVERFLOWING with content to share with your customers, here’s the secret: keep it simple.

The level of knowledge your customers have about your products, services, and industry is minimal. Topics that seem incredibly basic (and maybe even boring) to you, are groundbreaking for your readers.

So, don’t write for colleagues in your industry, write for your customers. Answer their most basic questions, address their concerns, and explain aspects of your industry that they may not know about. Educate them, and speak at their level.

If your content is easy to digest, your audience will remember it, and share it with their friends.

Your customers want to feel understood. If your content is over their head, it will frustrate them.

The more basic, the better.

Keep it short, sweet, and simple, and they will remain happy and interested.

Still having trouble coming up with ideas?

Talk to your team to see if they have ideas- brainstorming can be a great group task. Keep an excel file handy during the discussion and keep a list of your ideas, this way you have a vault of juicy content at your fingertips.

Also, the next time you’re having a conversation with a customer about a problem or question they have, you can add the topic to your list and use it as a future blog post.

No more banging your head against your keyboard while you think of a blog topic next week.

Happy Blogging!


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