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Can Someone Explain This Book Cover To Me?

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

I’ve been known to post about bad book covers before. The cover I featured in this post is perhaps the worst book cover I’ve ever seen–in that “so bad it’s good” kind of way.

Lousy Book Covers is one of my favorite sites, and it’s often the inspiration for these posts.

A few weeks ago, they posted this cover. And, well, I’m speechless.


To add more mystery here, the book is classified as children’s fiction.

The description:

Mugged by Baboons is a riveting recollection of real life encounters and escapades with lions, cheetah, baboons, leopards, elephants, crocodile, hyenas and hippo.

The stories are all based on real life occurrence of growing up in rural Africa which is full of raw adventure and life lessons.

So she fed wild baboons and somehow got “mugged?”

I don’t really want to make fun of this novel, because the author’s intent in self-publishing it is to raise money to build a well for safe drinking water in his village in Africa.

So maybe we should just all buy the book and help the guy out? Then we can truly figure out how a baboon goes about mugging a woman!

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